Expert Packing Tips You Didn't Know You Needed

Written by Lindsay Fox


Posted on March 01 2019


We travel, we spend too much time packing, we end up throwing clothes in a bag- hoping to figure it out when we get there. Most of the time when we get to our destination, we realize we could have been way more organized. So... how?
After spending the last 3 years traveling up to 4 times per month, I've seriously nailed down the packing game for all types of travel.
Let's get to it. First thing's first... grab a snack, drink, turn on your favorite or destination playlist. Make it fun!


Check the weather and lay out your outfits. I'm talking flight, to the last evening. You don't want to waste your precious vacation time trying to match the random clothes you threw in your suitcase.

I'm talking about the following:

The Flight: Comfort + Style. My favorite traveling outfits: 
1. High waist leggings, sneakers, a front-tied tee, cardigan 
2. Soft trousers, tee, slides, cardigan 
3. Maxi skirt, tee, slides, cardigan
 ....Nobody wants to be cold on the plane!
Casual Days: Shopping, Brunching, Lounging. Dresses are quick and easy. 
    Beach Days: Cover-up or a bikini top with high waist shorts, maxi skirt or trousers!  Our Favorite Crop Styles
    Excursions: Something sporty and comfortable that you're not afraid to get dirty.
      Dinners: Dressy or Casual? Drinks after?  
        Shoes: 1 beach slide, 1 dressy sandal, max 2 heels (wedge or neutrals), Optional: sneaker/flat if you're doing a lot of walking. 
          Bags: Crossbody, Clutch, Beach Bag (Use our Wave Babe bag!)
            Jewelry & Hats: Minimal
            Sleep: Shorts & a tank take up the least space

              Don't know where to start? Create a board on Pinterest for outfit inspo relating to your destination.

               2. ORGANIZING TRICKS

              ROLL YOUR CLOTHES: They will take up way less space. 
              PACKING CUBES: DO THIS ONE. I personally use them to separate things like tops, bottoms and dresses. Cubes separate your clothes and makes your time on the trip SO MUCH MORE ORGANIZED. Amazon has cheap ones.
              HANGING TOILETRY BAG: You don't know how much counter space you'll have. Mine has been a lifesaver. Tip: Clear zip pockets over mesh. Here's an example
              DIRTY LAUNDRY: Bring a separate pouch to keep your dirty clothes separate from your clean ones.


              3. COSMETICS

              MAKEUP POUCH: A makeup case that's like a pouch (all your things go in one large area rather than 3+ sections. (You may not have a lot of counter space at your destination)  Here's one
              ESSENTIAL COSMETICS: I shop the travel size of my cosmetics at Sephora and Ulta, and I only bring the necessities. I have to be realistic with myself. I never end up wearing lipstick, so why would I bring 3? Necessities I always pack are:
              • It Cosmetics CC Cream 
              • Liquid highlight 
              • Bronzer/Blush Duo
              • 4 Brushes: Foundation, Bronzer/Blush, Powder, Shadow - or use fingers for foundation/concealer. 
              • Under Eye Corrector (peachy tint) 
              • Mascara 
              • Brow Filler + Gel 
              • Finishing Powder (If it's humid)
              • Lip Balm
              DOUBLE DUTY: Buying cosmetics that are double duty. Lip Balm + Cheek Tint, Tinted Moisturizer, Liquid Highlight for Nose, Cheeks, Brow Bone, Bronzer/Blush Duo
              PREVENT LEAKS: Prevent leaks by using Saran Wrap over the opening of risky liquids & screw the cap on. Trust me when I say from experience thats not something you want happening in your luggage.


              We hope this makes packing for your next destination smooth and enjoyable. 


              Xoxo, Wave Babe